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Why PSC?

When it comes to buying pool products, equipment and accessories or hiring professional pool services you have many choices. There are many pool products and services companies that you can choose from, and even some of the Big Box stores sell pool supplies. So why would is The Pool Supply Centre right for you? Here are five great reasons:

  • We Are Pool Experts – We have over five decades of experience in helping our customers open, maintain and close their pools. We’ve seen everything from the most common to the weirdest. We have the experience and expertise to keep your pool running in peak condition all summer long.
  • We Offer a Comprehensive Line of Pool Chemicals – Check out our pool chemical products page to see some of the most popular we carry, but come to our store and you’ll see a complete selection of every chemical that you’ll need to keep your pool in great condition. And we only carry brands and products that we trust – we’d never sell anything in our store that we wouldn’t use in our pools!
  • Service You Can Trust! – After being a trusted supplier of pool chemicals for more than 30 years, we have recently added a service division to help our customers who are too busy to take care of their own pools. We do everything from pool openings, complete chemical and cleaning maintenance, and pool closings at the end of the season. The Pool Supply Centre is the one-stop shop for all your pool supply and service needs.
  • We Love All Pool Owners – Some pool supply companies will pick and choose their customers, like only serving people with in-ground pools. We love all pool owners! It doesn’t matter to us whether you have an in-ground, above ground or even a temporary pool that you can buy at one of the Big Box stores – we’re all pool lovers and that temporary pool owner might be ready to invest in an above ground or in-ground pool and be our best customer a few years from now!
  • We’re Part of Your Community – We’re lucky enough to be not just friends with our customers, but neighbours, too! We live in Etobicoke, we shop in Etobicoke and Mississauga, our family goes to school in Etobicoke and we’re proud to be an active part of the Greater Toronto Area community. We’re not just here to sell pool chemicals and equipment, we’re here to be an important part of our customer’s lives.
Water Testing

WaterLink Spin

Trust your water testing to The Pool Supply Centre and you’ll have the peace of mind that your pool is safe for your family and friends and others who enjoy your pool.

We have state-of-the-art water testing equipment to ensure that your pool water is perfectly balanced. We’ll make sure that your water is free from harmful bacteria and contains the ideal balance of chemicals to provide a safe range of chlorine, PH and alkalinity.

You can bring a sample of your water into our store, or we can test your water at your pool. And if we find something that is out of balance with your pool water, we’ll recommend the best way to correct it, whether using some chemical treatment or some additional maintenance or service.

Let The Pool Supply Centre help you provide a safe and fun environment in your pool this summer. Visit our store or book a service visit today for all of your pool water testing needs.

    Pool Opening & Closing

    Openings & Closings

    When the days start getting longer, the snow banks finally melt away and buds start appearing on the trees it can only mean one thing: pool season!

    But sadly, when the days start getting shorter, the kids are back in school and there’s a chill in the air, it means that pool season is winding down.

    Let The Pool Supply Centre be your trusted pool partner to properly open and close your pool.

      Pool Openings

      We’ll get your pool season off to a good start with a professional opening. Our pool experts will:

      • Remove collected water and debris from the top of the cover
      • Remove all winterizing materials (Foam rope, plugs, gizmo, etc.)
      • Re-install pool fittings and deck equipment (Ladder, diving board, etc.)
      • Re-assemble and start pump and filter system
      • Add 10Lt. liquid chlorine and other chemicals (if purchased)
      • Additional services can be booked on request

      We have a number of different pool opening packages depending on the size and type of pool you have. Our basic pool opening package starts at $299 (+HST). Due to time restrictions we can only open a certain number of pools at the beginning of each season, so fill out the form on the right or contact us right now to reserve your pool opening!

      Pool Closing

      You can also trust The Pool Supply Centre to properly close your pool so it opens up quickly and with no problems at the beginning of next season. When we close your pool we will:

      • Lower water level
      • Uninstall deck equipment and store it in the homeowners desired location
      • Blow out lines, add foam rope and plugs
      • Winterize pump, filter and heater
      • Add winterizing kit (invoiced separately) and install winter cover
      • Disconnect the salt cell (if applicable)
      • Book your opening while we’re doing your pool closing and receive a 10% discount!

      Our pool closing services start at $299+HST depending on the type and size of your pool. We can only close a certain number of pools so if you’d like our expert team to close your pool, either fill in the form on the right or contact us right now!

      Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

      Cleaning & Maintenance

      For the busy professional or those who simply don’t want to spend the time, we have a full list of pool cleaning and maintenance services.

      Our pool service experts will come to your home, clean your pool and perform whatever maintenance is required and then leave. We can do this while you’re at home or while you’re at work so you can come home to a beautiful, sparkling clean pool that is ready to be enjoyed by you and your family.

      The Pool Supply Centre can provide services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for busy professionals or for on-the-go families with young children and busy schedules. Some of our customers use us only when they need us – we take care of their pools when they’re away on vacation or business trip.

      Our pool cleaning services include:

        • Skim surface and brush scum line
        • Vacuum pool and empty debris from all strainer baskets
        • Backwash sand filter, refill chemical feeder or adjust salt level as necessary
        • Test water chemistry and add required chemicals (Chemicals to be provided by customer or sold separately)
        • All equipment and fixtures are thoroughly inspected for proper fit and operation
        • General safety and maintenance inspection of your pool and surrounding area

        Our prices are very affordable and we can create a custom package that will is perfect for you! Call Chris Wysocki today at (416) 259 – 5089 and let The Pool Supply Centre keep your pool sparkling clean this summer!

        Pool Equipment & Repairs

        Equipment & Repairs

        You can trust the professionalism and expertise of The Pool Supply Centre when it comes to properly opening and closing your pool, and we can lend a helping hand to keep your pool clean through the summer, but we can also help if you have any pool maintenance or repair needs.

        Our knowledgeable and friendly pool experts can help with all of your pool repair and maintenance issues. While we can help with almost any type of issue that you’re having, the most common repair and maintenance services we offer are:

          • Plumbing System Repairs – Our trained technicians can repair or replace damaged or worn parts of your pool plumbing system such as the pump, filter or heating systems. If possible we will repair broken components but if necessary we can replace them.

          • Safety Cover Installs – Safety is the top priority for any pool owner, and if you have young children or pets around your pool then a safety cover is almost a must! Let us install a safety cover on your pool and give you the peace of mind that your backyard and pool are safe and secure even when you’re not around.

          • Light Repairs – If one of the underwater lights in your in-ground pool stops working, you don’t have to drain the water to service it. Underwater lights are made so they can be serviced while the pool is full of water. Our expert pool technicians can take care of all of your light repair needs. Let The Pool Supply Centre be your beacon of light for your pool light repairs!

          • Cleaning Equipment – We complete our lineup of pool repairs and maintenance by offering to fix or replace your pool cleaning equipment. Our technicians are trained in repairing the most popular and equipment, so if broken cleaning equipment is keeping you out of your pool this summer then give the experts at The Pool Supply Centre a call!

          Keeping your pool in good working order can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but not if you’ve got The Pool Supply Centre on your side. We offer a complete line of pool repairs and maintenance so if you have a problem with your pool, give us a call at (416) 259 – 5089 or drop into our store!

          Keeping your pool in good working order can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but not if you’ve got The Pool Supply Centre on your side. We offer a complete line of pool repairs and maintenance so if you have a problem with your pool, give us a call at (416) 259 – 5089 or drop into our store!

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